Super Lube® PTFE Lubricants
Disc and Drum Brakes
Spare parts and friction pads
Rotating Unions


HelenTec Oy is a distributor of Super Lube® lubricants, which are manufactured by Synco Chemical Corporation in the USA.

HelenTec Oy was founded at the end of 2003 when we continued our predecessor’s work. Today the company is located in Vantaa, approximately 10 km from the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.
Super Lube® is a patented, synthetic, non-toxic, long lasting, premium lubricant which has been approved by the food industry.
Today an increasing part of our business also consists of a wide range of mechanical power transmission components for engineering and other industries.
We are also an authorized supplier for Turian’s rotary joints to Russia and the Baltic countries: deliveries of other products from Super Lube®, Coremo Ocmea etc, are also possible upon request.